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In hygiene management of Japan's best, boasting a lifetime Tsukiaeru "barbershop of Japan quality" Japan highest level hygiene, Japan quality barber shop. The barber lecture with our customers is important to the good old Barber.

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Yurakucho 1-chome 1 Yurakucho 1-chome, 1-2
Tokyo Midtown Hibiya third floor HIBIYA CENTRAL MARKET in
Tel: 03-6205-8987
Hours: 11:00 to 19:00
Closed: Normal business is a day, seven days a week and women special day is the third Monday

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Hibiya Line, Toei Subway Mita Line "Hibiya" Station Directly Connected
Direct link to the Yurakucho station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line (4 minutes on foot)
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Hibiya Line, Ginza Line "Ginza" Station Directly Connected (5 minutes on foot)
JR Yamanote Line · Keihin Tohoku Line "Yurakucho" Station (5 minutes on foot)


Men treatment

Comprehensive hairdressing (cut): 7,500 yen

  1. Straightening shampoo : you respectfully remove such as hair dressing with a shampoo base sink before.
  2. Hairdressing (cut) : your choice of hair style / leave it be.
  3. Collar shaving : razor to use technology / neck in if the barber shop will be refreshing.
  4. Massage shampoo : Rinse the dirt of shampoo massage / scalp flow stand and before along with the tired.
  5. Head Massage : Momihogushi the head of the muscles and neck carefully with your fingers, massage the shoulders and hips in an electric vibrator.
  6. Eyebrow design : prepares the eyebrows with scissors and razor - Please leave the eyebrows that can not be in the barber is at home.
  7. Shaving : healing the best of barber unique in infectious diseases and health management has been a real safe and secure environment.
  8. Set : hair dressing / daily set method of your choice also please ask. Hair dressing used was we also store sales.

Hairdressing (cut): 4,500 yen

   Straightening shampoo + hairdressing (cut) + collar shaved + set

Shampoo massage: 2,000 yen

   Shampoo massage + set

Shaving: 3,000 yen

   Eyebrow design (razor + scissors) + shaving

Eyebrow design shaving: 2,000 yen

   Eyebrow design (razor + scissors)

Additional treatment

Shampoo massage: 1,000 yen

   Shampoo + head massage

 Massaging shampoo: 1,000 yen

Scalp condition (normal and drying resistance and seborrheic-sensitive) in the combined shampoo or best stand massage shampoo using a high concentration of carbonate scalp improvement shampoo: out massaging the fat of the pores with a finger, while narrowing massaging the scalp, neck it loosens the muscles of the head.

 Yamagata specialty ( chilling beauty and genuine ) / cold shampoo: 500 yen

Summer limited- specialty shampoo using the Yamagata cool shampoo and conditioner, which was chilled in the refrigerator is.

Carbonate cleansing: 500 yen

Cleaning peel off the dirt of pores can not be removed in the shampoo of the day-to-day due to the high concentration carbonated water and also encourages blood circulation of the scalp.

Time reservation: 1,000 yen

   Your guide at the specified time

Female practitioner

And women hairdressing (cut): 7,500 yen

   Since Iida of the manager will be happy to charge, please check the work day.